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Our Equipment and Technology 

Best-in-class operational discipline, an excellent fleet of Peterbilt tractors, and a driver team with deep experience in the industry enables us to meet and exceed our customers’ transportation requirements safely and effectively. Our equipment and technology gives our customers the advantage. 

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Peterbilt Fleet

We believe in Peterbilt trucks for their efficiency, safety, and reliability. Our Peterbilt fleet maximizes performance and uptime. Variety of models with new trucks integrated annually.

Satellite Trailer Tracking

We utilize cutting edge software that allows us to track and identify locations on all trailer units in real-time, giving us total accountability and assurance for our customers.

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ELD / Dashcam Combination

Our robust ELD system with integrated dashcams and GPS units gives us instant telematics and road data, keeping our drivers safe and facilitating a comprehensive safety program.

In-House Maintenance Department

Our Maintenance Department is flexible and adaptive, facilitating swift repairs and keeping our drivers on the road with consistency. Back up equipment and the ability to modify our own units allows us to meet your needs and deliver products on time.


Our equipment & technology sets us apart.

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We Drive the Extra Mile for our Customers.

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